Hello, it’s Chris, and I think that we can safely say this week that summer is officially upon us … whether it’s this blazing heatwave, or the fact that the kids are just .. everywhere, it’s that time of year again when ice creams flows and the sea front beckons.


65248504 10161932603355125 7799845318899531776 oBut this time of year isn’t fun for everyone – especially those who struggle with social anxiety. People, people, everywhere…. And nobody else seems to care…..


But it’s not just the adults who struggle with social phobia at this time of year…


Did you know that 1 in 6 youngsters struggle with social anxiety disorder? That means that those off school themselves may find the thought of holidays a ballache. 


So, what can you do if you find that the amount of people crammed into places over the summer period leaves you panicking? Here’s my advice and as always if social anxiety or social phobia is getting to you, please do get in touch with me. I can help with that.


Go out – but at times when it’ll be less busy. Social anxiety can be made  worse by crowds so avoid them. 


Getting up super early in the morning and going to walk along the waterfront when barely anyone else is around can be really beautiful. Rather than feel like your social anxiety means that you are ‘missing out’, reframe things and look for the positive. You get to see the time of day where most of us are still sleeping.


But don’t become a social recluse. It’s time to tackle things…let’s talk about your social anxiety. 


Start by finding a time of the day where you feel comfortable with going somewhere, and just schedule say, 30 minutes, where you are going to go and will stick at that. 


Take your headphones with you, your favourite song on your phone, take a good book, take whatever makes you feel like you can block out your surroundings and if and when you feel the need to put this plan into action, 


But try this, before you dash home. You may find that you are able to ride through your panic , and when you can master how to do THAT, then you take the power back.

And if you need support, I am always here for you…


Although yes, being realistic about your social anxiety is a must -and staying at home some days when you really can’t face it isn’t something to beat yourself up over – it’s also crucial that you face up to things and address what’s really going on under the surface.


As a phobia therapist, I am able to help people, just like you, to overcome their social anxiety or social phobia, in a very short time frame. The trick is to work out the root cause of it. Once we’ve figured that out, the rest of therapy work  (for me) is pretty simple.


So if this is something that you would like to talk to me about, why not book a clarity call? It honestly helps to take control of things. BOOK YOUR CLARITY CALL HERE. 


So, enjoy the holidays, stay safe in the sun, and people, whoever you are reading this, please try and remember, that whilst most of us are out there just enjoying ourselves, for some of us, being out in a busy public venue can be a nightmare.


Look after each other.


Until the next time, 





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