Today is NATIONAL TRAIN YOUR BRAIN DAY and I wanted to talk to you about training your brain to say NO to anxiety.

Our behaviours , and thought patterns are created by repetition – whether it’s repetition of an experience, or repetition of a thought. You will most likely have heard the saying that it ‘takes 28 days to make or break a habit. So, I want us to try an experiment.

Here it is:

The 28 day No Game. Train Your Brain To Say No To Anxiety.

Over the next 28 days, each time that you feel or experience anxiety, I want you to simply say NO to it.

Yes, you read that correctly. Simply say NO to it.

If it helps you, you can extend that no into something like ‘No, no no anxiety, your presence is not welcome here’.

But become aware of its presence (this is key, so before you begin this experiment be sure to know when anxiety is being triggered), and simply make a conscious CHOICE to say NO to it. Say no and if and where possible actually SAY this.. don’t just think it.

Say NO and then make a conscious decision to change the way that you are feeling. I would suggest that you perhaps do something like find an upbeat, positive song that makes you feel AMAZING, and each time you say no to your anxiety, change how you are feeling by playing that song, and moving your body.

Dancing or moving in some way changes your physiology, which in turn floods your system with the feel good hormones, and endorphins.

Over the next 28 days you will not only create a new habit, and a new way of dealing with your anxiety, you will also embed a positive anchor, or association with feeling anxiety, You will flip your anxiety and change the feeling into something positive through consciously playing your music, (and this can be a song in your head) and leaving your brain associating the first feelings of anxiety with the arrival of something positive.

Give it a go and let me know how you get on with it?

Until the next time, have a great week



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