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Anxiety help and Anxiety Relief Harley Street Afternoon tea is a great British past time, and there’s a good reason as to why many of us indulge in a spot of afternoon tea from time to time, and it’s NOT just because Groupon ran a great deal last week…

Afternoon tea is a great way to switch off from the reality of day to day living. It’s something different to what we do daily.it’s something that we tend to do when we want to feel special…. It’s not a time to be rushed, and it’s down in our diary as one of those ‘days out, days off work’ or special occassion activities. 

And I think that afternoon tea is a great time to get some relief from your anxiety. Sounds a bit strange, I get that but let me expand a little…

Afternoon tea allows us time to take time out and retreat into a land of fantasy.

Afternoon tea allows us to pretend that we are rich, or regal, and we can sit back and relax, whilst also feeling very British and well mannered. It’s a time when we can turn our phones off and truly connect to the present moment. Think about it, when you have ever gone for afternoon tea, have you sat browsing Facebook?

There’s something about afternoon tea that makes us dress up, and take somebody special and really enjoy it.

Think of the Royals and their afternoon tea – pretend that you are somebody regal and relax and enjoy some fine dining. Cucumber sandwich anyone?

We can get anxiety relief with tea. Just picture China’s tea ceremonies…

In China, they have tea ceremonies, and Japan do something similar. It’s a sacred time, where tea becomes a ritual, and the very notion of rituals, and being connected to the present moment is where you can find great relief from anxiety. Here’s a great anxiety busting tip for you:

Close your eyes as you hold your tea cup and just for a moment, before you take a sip, savour the aroma. Allow your senses to be fully engaged and connected to the moment, and to yourself. Just feel your feet connected to the ground beneath you and feel grounded. Pause, and take a deep breath and just remember that life is so very precious. You can do this everytime that you sit down to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, daily.

I don’t know about you but I REALLY feel like going for afternoon tea now and TREATING MYSELF. Remember to treat yourself weekly, because you feel more like YOU again when you take time to connect to yourself.

How I can help you with your anxiety…

I know that it may feel like anxiety gets the better of you and you’d like to find relief from your anxiety, and I am here to help you. I have a great free kit that you can use to get a control of your anxiety and you can download that here.

Until next week, let me know how you get on with this, and feel free to come and hang out with me on the FacebooK Page



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