I read today that May 1st signals the official start of Summer! Woo hoo some of us say, whilst others say ‘oh nooo…….’. Body anxiety can affect a lot of us and you’re not alone with it.

If the thought of summer, and revealing clothing, bikini bodies and holidays leaves you coming out in a cold sweat then it might be time to address some issues.

In today’s blog post I want to talk about Body anxiety  and how it can leave us feeling … deflated.

Which is an odd choice of words I know, when a lot of us (particularly after Easter!) feel … inflated! 🙂

1. Feeling unhappy with your weight or your body in any form, to some extent is ‘normal’.

Okay so the ffirst thing that I want to clear up is that feeling unhappy with your body sometimes is normal, Show me someone who hasn’t wanted to lose their love handles, or hasn’t wished that they had a bum more like Kim Kardashains. But if your find yourself obsessing over it, or talking about it and thinking about it all of the time then it is time that you did something about it.

Now, what you should do of course depends on what the issue is. If it’s your weight then it makes sense to start some sort of healthy eating plan and up your exercise in order to shift it.

Sitting about focusing on what you don’t like isn’t going to change anything, but there ARE ways to feel better about things and that doesn’t have to involve changing your appearance.


2. Change your focus and fall in love with yourself again.

You can work on your mindset and fall in love with yourself again. Sit down and write down the 3 things that you like best about yourself… no, do not tell me that there aren’t any. Imagine that you HAVE to choose something, that you have no option. Then make a choice that for the next 7 days you are only going to focus on the positive. Everytiime that you walk past a mirror, say to yourself ‘I love my eyes’…. or whatever it is that you have written as your three things.

Change your focus, and you will find that within the week, you do feel differently about yourself. It’s all too easy to get stuck looking at only the things that we don’t like about ourselves.

3. Take the next step if you want to..

If you think that your body issues run deeper than just not liking the physical, then it might be time to speak to a therapist about it. Body Dysmorphia is common in the U.K, and there can be all kinds of reasons as to why someone would suffer with it. What matters, is that the right therapist can help you start to unpick and unpack those issues and to be honest, it’s always better to address deep issues than to just keep going to get some outer work done, as chances are, you will never be happy with it.


The main thing that I want you to take away from this today, is that YOU will KNOW if your issues are more than just a basic fear of getting your stomach out on the beach. You will know because the thoughts will plague you. So understand, that this is an actual condition and I am here to help you.

How I can help you with this:

Book a free clarity call with me and let’s talk about how I can help you. From there, we can sort a plan of action and get you liking yourself again.


p.s if you must know, I also do not like my body sometimes, and look back at old videos and wish I looked like that younger me again… it’s normal.


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