Today is Blue Monday, and they say it’s the most depressing day of the year.

A few weeks into the new year after Christmas and money is tight, and the weather is depressing, It’s no wonder that they named this day the most depressing day of the year. Whether it’s just this week, or this time of the year general, low mood is serious and mental health matters. Here is my advice on how to move forward if low mood is affecting you on this particular Blue Monday.

Let someone know how you are feeling 

Today is a great day ro let  someone you know, how you are feeling.

Opening up about low mood and depression can feel difficult or daunting, But with all of social media posting about it today, now could be the time to speak out about things, Struggling alone and in silence can make everything feel that much heavier. Reaching out can mean that you have someone to talk to, to share things with and someone who will support you if you decide to book an appointment to speak to your GP for example.

Get outside as much as you can

One of the reasons that today is named Blue Monday  is because of the low daylight levels, which have a direct impact on how we are feeling. Get outside as soon as you can, go for a walk, absorb that natural daylight and boost your Vitamin D levels. Low Vitamin D levels are a precursor to depression  and low mood and can be related to the rise In seasonal mood disorders, particularly in January.  Also, getting outside, moving your body, can give a natural boost to your serotonin levels.

Reframe the day and make this your Pink Monday (insert your favourite colour)

You get to choose how you feel so don’t let the media’s hype of naming this particular day Blue Monday somehow get the better of you, Choose your favourite colour, rename the day, and then fill the entire day with a mug of your favourite drink … that is your favourite colour. light a candle.. in that colour, You get the idea. Make this a day like Christmas Day where you get your favourite mood boosting movies  books, catch up with close friends. Think about it, we can almost manufacture our mood for Christmas Day, so we can do it for Blue Monday.

Of course for some of us, it’s more than just a low period due to winter, and depression is serious. Please do not feel that you have to suffer in silence, I’m always here to help, and if you think that depression is linked to something that once happened to you, I can help you recover from that.

How To Get My Help – Book A Free Clarity Call 

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Enjoy your Blue Monday and Remember  you get to label it, you choose how you feel.


Christopher Paul Jones, Harley Street


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