Clients who come to see me about being anxiety free, often express a sense of panic when I ask them how they would feel if we took it away from them…

Which usually baffles them as they have come to see me because they WANT to be free from their anxiety, yet when they try to envision a life without anxiety –  often some sort of physical symptom presents itself – their palms may become sweaty, or their throat begins to close over/

So, how do you get rid of your anxiety, if it almost feels like it’s become a second skin for you?

Today I wanted to talk about this and let you know that it is actually a normal first step in the process towards letting go of your anxiety. And there is a very valid reason for this….

1. Your anxiety is a symptom of your subconscious mind’s desire to protect you.

The subconscious part of your mind tries to protect you from things that it has decided are a threat to you. And how your subconscious mind determines what is a threat to you, is based on life experiences. It could be that when you got up to talk at school, other kids laughed at you and you began to stutter because of it. Your subconscious mind then decided that public speaking was bad for you and has done its best to protect you ever since. 

Therefore, whenever you are approaching a situation where your subconscious mind feels that you may be in a situation like what happened to you in your younger years, it puts you into a state of panic, or fight, freeze or flight mode.

This is where you anxiety comes from – your body starts to experience symptoms that are being triggered as a result of your subconscious mind continually running this programme, and so when it is suggested that we take away those anxiety symptoms, on a conscious level you may think YES YES YES, get rid of them… on a subconscious level your mind sees it as removing your safety valve, or your safety net.

Your subconscious mind sees it as stopping it from doing its job properly – it believes that the anxiety is there to PROTECT YOU.

2. We need to ‘replace’ the hole that taking away your anxiety leaves in you.

I once asked a client, who was having anxious thoughts racing around in her head all day long, how she would feel if we stopped that programme. She smiled, thought about it, and then said ‘oh…….’.

I waited, and she then came back with … ‘I don’t know… I feel sick, like I can’t breathe’.

I dug a little deeper and she told me that when she even tried to pause her mind, from chanting all of the things that had been going on for her, she felt this huge sense of panic.. almost like she was panicking about NOT panicking!

This is because her anxiety, and all of the thoughts that she had going on in her mind, she deep down believed were protecting her. So before just stripping away her anxiety, I needed her to believe that she had the ability in herself, and the confidence in her own mind, to know, that if trouble were to arise, then she would totally be able to take care of things.

This can be achieved in several ways during therapy – reprogramming the subconscious mind to let of the root cause of the fear and anxiety and theh instilling the belief that all will be well after this. Tools and techniques can also be ‘anchored’ so that you can fire them off as and when you need to, to recreate the confident feeling that you left your session with,

So, as you can see from this explanation, it is actually normal to experience a sense of panic before embarking upon work to free yourself from anxiety and if you think about it, we get used to living with anxiety – it becomes almost like the norm. 

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I hope that this explanation has made sense to you and it helps you feel more able to take the first step towards getting rid of your anxiety.

Until next time, have a great week




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