August the 8th is International Cat Day. Aww.. time to see lots of cute kitten and cat posts allover Facebook… but what if you have a cat phobia?

Cat Phobia? I know, I know – they’re cute, and fluffy, and so many people keep them as pets. So it seems almost unimaginable to think, that some people out there, actually have such a thing as a cat phobia. 

But they do…

And if you happen to be one of them, I bet it has been really difficult to talk to people about it.

I once had a friend, who was really scared of kittens. It was something to do with the way that they would claw at things. She’d been scratched (quite badly by all accounts), as a little child, by a relatives kitten… and as a result, had ever since, been really really scared of them…

I remember how she used to tell us all, that she was ‘scared to death of cats, kittens… and some of the gang would alnost laugh at her… ‘oh don’t be so daft, how on earth can you be scared of a KITTEN???’ So not only did she have to live her with her cat phobia, she also learned to live with it in secret, because the reception that she used to get from people, left her feeling a bit like a laughing stock.

Cat phobias (or dog phobias), are actually more common than you think – and the good news, is that they are treatable. More often than not, a client who comes to see me with a cat phobia, knows exactly where their fear stems from and this  makes treating the phobia super easy. Of course, not every person has this understanding, but today, i am going to share with you my top 5 tips of how to handle your cat phobia.

1. Understand that a phobia is a phobia. And phobias are removable.

It doesn;t matter what your phobia is. Phobias are created because of our experience with something. And phobias are not based around logic. You don’t need to feel embarassed about telling somebody that you have a cat phobia, and you also don’t need to explain yourself when they ask you ‘how on earth can you be scared of them?’ – the only person that you are accountable to, is yourself. And by admitting that you actually have a cat phobia, you are taking the first step towards being free from it.

2. Undertand that phobias are not ‘logical’. You don’t need to make sense of it.

As I said in the point above this one, phobia are not logical and you do not have to make sense of things. We can spend so long, thinking over things and trying to talk about them, but when it comes to a phobia, it’s more about bypassing that step and seeking help for things. You may or may not know where your phobia comes from, but that in a way, doesn’t matter. It’s your subconscious mind that is responsible for creating and holding onto a phobia, so you can’t just ‘snap out of it’. 

3. Know that you don’t ‘have’ to like cats, and that it’s okay not to..

Why is it that we all assume that there must be something wrong with us if we aren’t going ga ga over a cute kitty? It’s perfectly acceptable to not like Cats and Kittens and there’s no shame in admitting it. You will find, that denying your fear can actually make things feel much worse for you, whereas opening up and talking about it, sure, it won’t get rid of your phobia, but it will make it easier for you to talk about, and handle situations that may come up where you are faced with a cat or kitten.

4. Learn how to ‘turn down your anxiety’ – phobia? What phobia?

Of course, I highly recommend that you get rid of your phobia once and for all.. but in the meantime, please take, and make use of my tip for turning down your anxiety. If you close your eyes the next time that you are in a state of panic (ideally when you are in a mild one and things haven’t gotten too out of control already..), and imagine that you are in a control room…

Then, see right in front of you, a large dial. The dial is numbered from 1-10. Say out loud, which number your anxiety is currently set at, and then make a choice as to where you would like it to be. Go right up to that dial now, and turn down your anxiety.

Feel how your whole physical self responds accordingly. It’s a relief isn’t it? You did this and you can do it anytime that you begin to feel anxious. You can do this when around a cat or kitten, and if need be, also remind yourself that you do not have to like cats and you are free to get up abd leave a situation, if the situation makes you feel nervous.

5. Meet Kitty Kat, the funniest Kitty alive!

Close your eyes, and I want you to vislaize a kitty. I like to call her Kitty Kat. Yes I know, not very original, but easy to remember. Now Kitty is not your average Kitty. She is pink. Kitty has a pink coat and wears a purple collar. Kitty likes to wear rollerskates, and can often be seen whizzing around the local park to the theme tune of Superman. Go go Kitty! Kitty rocks … I love Kitty.

Are you smiling yet?

Create your own version of Kitty, or feel free to take mine, and make your Kitty as FUNNY as possible….

Next time you find yourself in a situation where you are scared of a Kitty, remind yourself of your Kitty….. Change that way that you THINK AND FEEL about Cats, and that way, you have another tool that you can use, to change your physical, mental and emotional state.

And finally… if you DO have a cat phobia, please don’t be worried about coming to see me. I totally get it, and I understand that you might find it hard to talk about. One or two sessions is usually all that it takes to free someone from a cat phobia. So let’s get yours sorted. You can book a FREE clarity call with me so that we can talk about it.

I hope these tips prove to be of some help to you –

Until the next time


Christopher Paul Jones. 



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