So Halloween is just around the corner again, and for some of us, the sight of ghosts, spiders, skeletons and witches can be really scary for us. And no, I’m not just talking for children here..


In todays blog post I am talking about ‘Halloween Phobias’, or if you Christopher Paul Jones in the Presswant to get technical, Samhainophobia.

You’d be amazed at how many emails I get, as Halloween gets closer. Men, and Women, of all ages who have a real, terrifying fear of something that the rest of us consider ‘just a little spooky’.

What it is that people are scared of, can really vary. I get a lot of people come and see me, who are scared of spiders… arachnophobia, is an understandably popular (for want of a better word) phobia, that has a LOT of people asking for help throughout the year, but especially in the run up to Halloween.

But it’s not just spsiders, that make people freeze in fear… a witches cackle, spooky music, and even a plastic Zombie have had people requiring treatment from me. So, what can you do, if you fear that you may be struggling with Samhainophobia?

1. Turn Halloween into something ‘funny’.

Okay so right now, it’s anything but funny for you. But I want you to do this short technique with me, and everytime you feel that you need to, when Halloween gets the better of you:

Close your eyes, and allow yourself to picture yourself in your worst Halloween scenario. For example, if Clowns are what really scare you, see yourself in a room with the Clown that would be your worst nightmare. Allow yourself to feel those gutwrenching feelings.. really FEEL THAT FEAR. And then, imagine that clown on roller skates. Imagine the Benny Hill theme tune playing as the soundtrack. Then turn that scene into black and white. If you like, strip that clown naked. Make it really really funny. Notice now how you are feeling. Repeat this as and when you need to.

Why this works so well: It’s impossible to feel two emotions at the same time. So by making yourself laugh, you cannot also feel fear towards the thing that scares you.


2. Talk about your phobia. It’s not ‘silly’.

One reason why people fear talking about their phobia or dont know how to handle it, is that they feel that people will think that they’re being silly. I mean, Halloween, is associated more with children, What will your friends and family think if you say that you have a phobia of it???? Honestly? Well, a lot of people may feel similar to how you do.

One reason to be open about it, is because Halloween stuff is everywhere. So it;s pretty hard to avoid it. What happens if you try to avoid it, is that you then avoid social situations where you may have to see such things, and this can lead to feelings of isolation and even loneliness.

By opening up about your phobia you can at least go out and be social. Ask friends to support you if you come face to face with that clown, that spider, or that zombie. Have them help you do some calm breathing or the technique that I outined above for you.


3. Have an ’emergency’ ‘plan of action in mind.

This will help you feel more in control of things. For example, make the decision that if you do accidentally find yourself wandering down the Halloween aisle, that you will look down at the floor, do some deep breathing and then imagine the Benny Hill theme tune, imagine those clowns, spiders and skeletons on roller skates, just keep breathing and get the hell out of there.

Often, with a phobia, what scares us is the fear that we may lose control in public. So having a plan of action in mind, will mean that you feel more calm, collected and in control of things, and this alone will just help to take the edge of things.


If you, or someone that you know, finds this time of year difficult, because they have a Halloween Phobia then did you know, that in one session with me, we can get to the bottom of things? Book a free clarity call NOW and let’s talk.

Enjoy the Holidays,

Until the next time,


Christopher Paul Jones. The Breakthrough Expert. 

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