December 1st signals the start of Anger Awareness Week. Do YOU have a problen with anger?

If so, then in this article I am going to show you how you can start to get control of it.

Christopher Paul Jones in the PressWe all know someone who has an issue with anger… perhaps it’s your partner, or a colleague at work. Or maybe it’s yourself. Whoever it is, one thing’s for certain.. despite being a natural emotion, if anger isn’t handled properly, it can cause a real problem.

When anger is expressed inappropriately it can signal danger. Relationships can break down, and people wind up in prison if their anger is expressed against another. Therefore, if you, or someone that you know has an issue in controlling their anger, it’s VITAL that this is addressed now.

My top 3 tips on handling anger…


1. Admit you have a problem and share this.

The first thing that I want you to do is to admit that you have a problem and then share this with someone. If you have hurt someone with your anger, go one step better and say sorry to them. But let someone close to you know that you have acknowledged that you have anger issues, and then make yourself accountable to them.

Once your problem has been stated it become more real somehow and you then have someone you can turn to for support whilst you set about learning to cope with your anger.


2. Learn to recognise when you are getting angry.

One main thing that you can do, is to learn to recognise when you are becoming angry and then take a mental (or a lethal) step back from your anger for a moment.

Tip: pop an elastic band around your wrist and when you find yourself getting angry, twang it, to act as a reminder that you need to pull yourself back into reality. 

Then, count to 25…. slowly… really notice each number. Take deep breaths as you do this if you feel the desire to do so. But bring yourself out of your anger (which is often not logical) and back into the present moment.


3. Turn down your anger.

Okay so once you have brought yourself back into the present moment , you need to turn down your anger. To do that I want you to carry out this super simple exercise:

Standing exactly where you are in the very moment that you are angry, close your eyes and imagine that your feet arr weighted. Notice your feet pulled down into the floor almost as if the floor is made of metal and your feet are magnets. 

Next, visualise yourself opening your eyes and looking ahead to see a dial. This dial operates your anger. You can now turn down your anger, so that it is at a level that is more acceptable to you. 


Turn it down to a level where you feel that you can now talk rationally and express how you feel without causing any damage. That’s it…. turn it all the way down. And when you feel ready, open your eyes. Notice again, your feet planted firmly on the floor, and slowly allow them to become free again, and when you feel ready to do so…. open your eyes.

You can carry out this technique anytime and anypllace, which makes it a great tool to use if anger strikes you when you least expect it. Of course, it will only work if you implement it. You need to make a dedicated decision and promise to yourself that you truly want to work on your anger. If you do, things really can change for you.


If you, or someone you know would like to talk to me about working on your anger on a deeper subconscious level then book a clarity call with me.
What’s a clarity call? It’s a FREE call where we can talk about what’s bugging you and I can let you know how I can help you. If you then want to, we can book you in for your one to one session with me.

Until the next time,



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