Hello, it’s Christopher. I don’t know about you, but the hot weather over the last week has certainly got me thinking about foreign holidays. The temperature here in London has been similar to Greece or Turkey, but the views are somewhat different!

With certain countries opening their borders for us to be able to take a holiday, I have seen an increase in people contacting me who have a newly developed  fear of flying.The reason for their recent fear of flying? Well, quite simply put – Covid. 

Gone are the days where a flying phobia was confined to the realms of a fear of turbulence or a fear of crashing. Today, you can throw into the mix, things like a fear of catching Covid, social anxiety and germophobia and claustrophobia.

Today, I want to give you 3 ways to fly with confidence – despite the pandemic.

1. Enjoy the fact that airports and planes are currently cleaner than ever.

Airports and planes are currently cleaner than EVER. The pandemic has meant that they have really had to up their game when it comes to sterilising airports and aircraft, with disinfectant spray, known as fogging.

“The disinfectant is sprayed through a fog machine that aerosolises it so it can coat the air and all surfaces in the cabin, including the ceiling, seats, trays, floors, lavatories, crew rest areas, and galleys” – Conde Naste Traveller 

And teams of cleaners are on standby to clean aircrafts and airports much more regularly, meaning that every seat that you sit in, should be sterilised and fresh for your health and comfort.

2. Take to flight with a fear of flying specialist.

Did you know that you can take ME on your flight with you? Okay, well of course, I don’t mean literally. But with the use of modern technology, you can take me on your aircraft with you. I have a bestselling book called ‘Face Your Fear Of Flying’ which you can find out more about here, and this is full of amazing and fast working techniques that will soothe your fear of flying (and certainly also pass the time for you) as you sit back and enjoy your flight.

I also have THE BREAKTHROUGH YOUR FEAR OF FLYING KIT, which includes audios that will change your mindset at a deep subconscious level and clients also tell me that they are deeply relaxing. You can pop your headphones and listen, at the first sign of panic. Hearing my voice, is like sitting with me in my clinic doing a one to one guided session.

You can find out more about the kit here. 

3. Refuse to allow your fear to board that plane with you.

Did you know that when you think about something happening, your mind and body do not recognise the difference between reality and fantasy and begins to act accordingly? You need to be the gatekeeper of your own thoughts when you are next travelling, and decide which thoughts you allow to board the plane with you!

When you experience a thought that signals panic, simply ask it to leave you. Literally – say ‘you are just a thought and you are not welcome here’. Thoughts are just thoughts, but things get out of control when they are allowed to manifest as feelings. 

Be aware, be mindful of your thoughts and stop them from becoming feelings.


I hope that this article helps you – and I wanted to let you know about a revolutionary webinar that I have coming up soon – FEAR OF FLYING BREAKTHROUGH FORMULA, and experience my professional help and techniques that have worked with hundreds of people, by securing your virtual seat here.

If you do need my help, as always I am here for you. And I hope that if you are going away on holiday that the pandemic does not spoil things for you. Relax as best you can and enjoy it.

Speak soon,



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