Do you find enough time during your busy week to just have some ‘you time’?

Chances are, if you are anything like most of us that is, you always keep meaning to make space for you

Me, just taking some you time….

time but you never just seem to find it…..

How many times have you heard yourself saying ‘I am just going to cook dinner, and then I’ll sit down and watch a movie’ but then before you know what  is happening, you’re tackling that big pile of washing. It can be really difficult to just switch off and focus on yourself, especially when there are lots of things on your to-do list. But the way that we live our lives in this day and age, means that there is always something to do on our to do list…..

SO how do you make time for some you time? And why are we told that we NEED IT?

You time helps you recharge your batteries and you cannot run on empty.

It’s that simple really. YOU time helps you recharge your batteries and you cannot run on empty. You wouldn’t expect your car to take you all the way to Cornwall, without taking a break for petrol. You time can be as simple as stopping for that coffee, or doing a 10 minute meditation. It doesn’t have to be wild spa day. Wild spa day? Does such a thing even exist? But you know what I mean here 🙂

It’s a cliche and cheesy saying but ‘you cannot give to anyone else until you have taken care of your own energy levels first’. Think of you time as time to top up your energy levels, your YOU tank – and know that the more you top up the more energy you have to then give to others.

You time helps you be more productive.

Often when I am out walking my dog Lexi (my favourite way to have some me time), I get my best ideas. Like blog post titles, ideas for online courses, breakthroughs about a session with a client. And it can be really infuriating as I think ‘hang on, I am relaxing now’ 🙂 But your mind often comes up with the most wonderful stuff when it is in a more relaxed state. SO, the next time that you find yourself STUCK on a work project or a piece that you are writing, head out and do something completely different and you will find that when you come back you will be far more productive.

You time helps you think about the bigger picture.

It can be so easy to just get caught up in the day to day drama of living, because let’s be honest, daily life is dramatic. There’s always something to do, someone to see, social media has taken over our ability to enjoy the silence. But have you ever had a moment, where you look at your life and wonder ‘how on earth did I get here?’. Like…. I am working on a hamster wheel,  repeating the same old patterns daily.

I wanted to start that business… I wanted to lose that weight that I gained at Christmas. The same old same old can somehow take over and before you know it your life has flashed by for you. Taking you time and checking in wiith yourself is a good way of asking if you are where you really want to be in life, and if you have a project, like writing that book, you can schedule that into your you time. Make those dreams happen baby!


I usually put my blog post out on a Monday, but this week I fancied some me time. I had a nice long day out walking and yes, I had the odd moment, where I felt GUILTY about taking that me time. But then I reminded myself that I had the rest of the week, jam packed with clients, and if I took some time to recharge MY batteries then I would work even more affectively with them. Yes it felt odd not to share a post on Monday 🙂 But I made a decision to try and do it differently, to break away from the routine and share when I was inspired to say something.

So there we have it. I was inspired by the experience of taking some me time and here I am talking to YOU about it. I do feel that this week has gone more smoothly for me, and I do feel better rested.  I plan to schedule more me time into my weekly schedule.

You time doesn’t have to be a whole day by the way. It can be going for a walk during your coffee break and getting out of the office. It can be sitting in your garden with your morning coffee for ten minutes and meditating.

Try it. And let me know how you enjoy your you time, and the ways in which you come up with to make time for it.

Until the next time,

Have a great weekend, and talk to you soon!


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