Public Speaking – you’re not on your own if you get butterflies just thinking about it. Did you know, that 3 in 4 of us have a fear of public speaking? No? Well you do now… so if YOU find yourself not being able to sleep at night because the day ahead of you feels all too much for you then get yourself comfy and keep on reading.

Hi, I’m Chris and I once had a fear of public speaking. It got so bad that I once thought a shot of whisky would be the thing to take the edge off for me. Of course, one shot was followed by another shot, and well, you don’t need me to tell you how that story ended now do you 🙂

After that experience I knew that it was time to change things. So I set about fixing my phobia, and the rest as they say, is history. Doing so set me on the path to freedom and I now help others on Harley Street. Not bad for the boy who was laughed at school for stumbling over his works as he was dyslexic…

Yep, that was where MY phobia came from – and I am sure that YOU have an inkling where yours came from. But if not, don’t worry, as either way there IS help for you.

1. Know that you are not alone with this. Your fear makes you human.

I mention above that 3 in 4 of us has a fear of public speaking… and did you know, that it is the number one phobia and that people fear it even more than death? I know, shocking right, but when you sit down and think about it, I don’t think I have ever really met another person who is in love with the thought of public speaking.

Even the most seasoned speakers amongst us, say that they fear public speaking MORE than they fear the thought of DYING. Yep, you read that correctly…. so, know, that you really are not alone with this and your fear makes you human. But just because we are scared of something doesn’t mean that we have to avoid doing it.

Which leads me onto my next point.

2. Know that it is a fear that you can work through.

How many times have you heard a celebrity say that even after years of getting up performing, they STILL have bouts of stage fright? Think about this… Renee Zellweger, Nicole Kidman, Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson ALL had/have a fear of public speaking. Imagine if Renee Zellweger allowed her fear to get the better of her….. a world without Bridget!! Hardly bears thinking about now, does it?

it is common knowledge, that people have to push through their fear of public speaking and once you have the tools in order to do so, you can go onto become a pro at it.

Check out my Fear of Public Speaking course here and get the magic tools for yourself!

3. Accept that you may never ‘love it’ and let yourself be okay with that.

Often, people who come to me to handle their fear of speaking, expect to fall in love with it. They imagine that they will magically ‘get over it’ and almost turn into a different person. For some, the internal pressure to achieve this feels too ‘far away’ for them and can be the reason that they avoid dealing with their fear of public speaking.

Be gentler on yourself, and think back to the celebrities who continue to get themselves in the zone for it, and still get nervous about getting up and performing.

Know, that you do not actually have to get over it, and you certainly do not need to fall in love with it – just get comfortable with trusting in your own personal abilities, to put these steps and simple exercises into practise. 

Hope this advice helps, and know, that I am always here for you if you feel that you would like to work on your fear of public speaking on a one to one level.You can get the ball rolling on that by booking a clarity call with me – it’s free! You can do that here.

And don’t forget to check out my BREAKTHROUGH YOUR FEAR OF PUBLIC SPEAKING course here. 

Until the next time, take care and have a great week!

Chris 🙂

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