We are easing our way out of lockdown – and doesn’t it feel wonderful? Well, not for everyone it doesn’t… for some of us, (perhaps you), social anxiety is currently on the increase. So, here are 3 tips on how you can handle it. 

Social anxiety is really common, more and more of us experience it, but when lockdown hit, something interesting happened. Clients who had struggled with social anxiety would tell me that they suddenly felt ‘better’.As if their anxiety had been instantly lifted, the minute that lockdown started. For those people, perhaps you are one of them, the thought of venturing back out as we ease lockdown is terrifying.

For others, social anxiety was never really a problem before … but after months of being ‘locked down’ and being socially isolated, a new type of social anxiety has risen, and many are left unsure of how to handle it. Here are my best tips, and I hope that they help you. If you are struggling with social anxiety, please do get in touch with me and book a clarity call here

1. Ease Your Way Out Of Lockdown, Ease Your Social Anxiety. 

Just because there are milestones set, that outline when we can meet with people outdoors again, or when the beer garden will open, it does not mean that you have to do it. Take your time, and meet with others in a way that feels safe and comfortable for you. Let those closest to you know how you are feeling, and give them the chance to support you.

There is no rush, it is not a race, and it’s advisable to take small steps when dealing with social anxiety..

2. Set A Time Limit And Visualise It In Your Mind.

Often, not having a clue about how the day will pan out can leave us feeling powerless. Plan your first outing so that you set a time limit on how long you will be out of the house for. One hour should do it. Visualise getting there, what you might say to people, and how you will get home. Even think about what you will do when you are back in your home. Play it through your mind and if the time does not feel comfortable, reduce it, say, to half an hour, keep adjusting it until you feel at ease with it.

3. Take This Fast Acting Instantly Calm Tip With You.

Breathe in, hold it, breathe out, feel your feet planted firmly on the floor, and imagine that your feet have roots growing out of them. If the noise around you is too loud, focus on your breathing and just turn it down. Imagine that you have a dial, and you can turn it down. Turn everything around you to black and white if this helps you. Bring yourself back to your center, and if things still feel too much for you, make your way to the nearest toilet cubicle. Take ten minutes out, focus on yourself and how you are feeling, and just keep breathing.

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I  hope that this article helps you and that you get out there, in a way that feels right for you. Remeber that there is no right or wrong way to do this.

Speak to you soon and as always, I am here for you if you need me,

Take Care,


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