This week is eating disorder awareness week. I wanted to talk about some of the fears + anxieties surrounding food.

49601322 10161273615005125 1559504338869551104 nLots of people have issues when it comes to eating. They could be deep seated issues, that manifest as an eating disorder, or they could be aversions to particular foods. Another common issue that I have to treat, is when a client has a particular fear of a specific food type, such as bread, or meat, which could be realted to an incident perhaps when they started choking.

No matter what the reason for you having issues or anxiety when it comes to food or eating, there is something that you can do about it. Here’s my top tips on what you can do today, and of course, if you would like to book a session with me, book a clarity call here so that we can arrange that.

1. You need to figure out the root ‘fear’ – just what is it that’s bothering you?

You see, most of us are not born with a fear of food. Usually, when it comes to an eating disorder there will be an underlying fear that is really at the bottom of things.

For example: You could be scared of choking, and that could be because you once nearly choked on something when you were little, and your subconscious mind has decided to say ‘ NO, food is bad for you’. As a result of that, everytime you go to eat something, this fear is triggered off in you – and before you know it, you’re throwing the food in the trash can.

Or, you could be scared of gaining weight again, and that fear associates food as the enemy and therefore you avoid feeding yourself properly.


2. Put yourself back in the drivers seat. You choose how much food bothers you.

Make a choice to see food for what it is and get to grips with the whole process. From planning out your weeks foodshop (YOU choose what to put inside of you), to working out the kind of food that you will be cooking with….. YOU are in the drivers seat. You can choose how much food bothers you and just as you can detest the subject of eating you can also fall in love with it.

Make food something that is FUN in your life. Take that cookery class, learn how to cook something different. Enjoy learning about foods that will HEAL you rather than filling yourself up with the foods that will HARM you.


3. Erase that memory of the food that put fear into you.

If you can think of the time when you developed that fear of food, it might be worth trying this exercise:

Close your eyes, and imagine the food that scares you. Then, imagine it with a smiley face and see it looking back at you. Hear it saying something funny, like ‘eat me buttercup, eat me’ and imagine its voice is pitched high and is squeaky. Next add in some funny background music, something that reminds you of a happy time in your life, something that makes you giggle, and then imagine this whole thing now, the food, with a smiley face, talking to you, the funny music, hell even throw a funny wig on it…..

Now, try and imagine that food and tell me now… does it still scare you?

Food is a really complex subject, and can spread into multiple categories: eating disorders, food aversions, fear of weight, fear of choking, issues passed down from our parents, it can be linked to addictions and addictive personalities. But whatever your fear or anxiety surrounding food is, there will always be something behind things. A root cause for the way that you’re feeling.

You don’t have to suffer in silence,so please do book a clarity call with me (free 30 minute consultation) and we can talk about what is going on for you personally and then look at how we are going to get you over that.

It’s a really lovely time here in England at the moment, so if you are also here and reading this, I hope that you are enjoying the sunshine.

Until the next time,

Take care,




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