The Fear of Public Speaking Breakthrough Formula – Webinar – 7pm 3rd August

£ 7.00

This Webinar is your Step-by-Step Solution to removing stage fright and gaining the confidence you desire in any talk for 2021

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If you suffer with a fear of public speaking the thought of taking the stage can be terrifying! Do you spend weeks or even months lying awake at night fretting about what you will say when you’re forced to speak, even if it’s an online meeting? Do you feel frustrated at not being able to communicate in the way that you want to? Do you end up not feeling heard and misunderstood?

Have you run away from great opportunities to speak? Have you let business & personal connections pass you by because you didn’t know what to say? Has keeping hold of this fear cost you both Financially & Personally?

You may feel you have tried everything! Maybe you have even given up on looking for a solution, believing nothing & no one can help you.

Does this sound familiar? The good news is you’re in the right place.

Discover the revolutionary system to turn your fear of public speaking around even if you feel you have tried everything & nothing as worked.

I know what it’s like to be crippled by fear of the stage! Not that long ago I had a number of phobias, but I feel it was the fear of public speaking that had held me back the most. It stopped me from making connections both business & personally! It stopped me in job interviews I would clam up & get tongue tied. It stopped me from being able to share my message with the world.

I knew I needed a solution but couldn’t find out what to do. I’d tried talking about the problem to no effect, I tried Dutch courage which only made things a lot worse. I tried speaking courses & voice coaching which are fine if you’re just looking to improve your speaking skills. But they did nothing to get me over my crippling fear of the stage. It’s only when I discovered the key to removing my fear that I was able to talk with confidence in groups, at events & on stage doing something that I could only of dreamed of a few weeks earlier.

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