Instantly calm tool kit

£ 7.00



Once you choose to say YES to instant calm, your life will change forever. 
  • Take control of how you feel
  • Harley Street Therapy used with A list clients
  • Put yourself back in the drivers seat of your life.

Your mini kit contains:

Tools that you can use right away to instill a sense of calm, and an anxiety busting audio. This kit can be consumed all in a day, it’s super fast and easy to use, and will change the way that you think and feel forever, because once you have these tools in your ‘tool kit’ you need never get over stressed or anxious again!

image 2 Created by Christopher Paul Jones, Harley Streets ‘Breakthrough Expert’ who is the founder of the Integrated Change System’. which helps people set themselves free from their fears, phobia and anxiety in a rapid time frame. 

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