Today is World Blood Donor Day, a day to create awareness about the need for people from all around the world, to give blood, safely., Giving blood, can literally save the lives of others, but not all of us find the thought of giving blood easy, especially if you are living in the shadows of a needle phobia. Needle phobias are actually really common, and I am seeing more and more clients struggling with them, particularly in light of the Covid Vaccine. 

If YOU have a needle phobia, it may feel like all hope is lost – you may avoid your Covid Vaccination, blood tests, and blood donations, because your fear of needles feels bigger than you. But don’t worry, the good news is, that treating a needle phobia is relatively simple, and the very fact that you are sat reading this article, means that you are finally in the right place if you want to be free from your needle phobia.

In this weeks blog post, I am going to give you my top three tips on how to manage a needle phobia.

1. Let The Person Holding The Needle Know You Have A Needle Phobia.

Often when I work with clients who have a fear of needles (needle phobia), the first thing that they tell me is that they dread the thought of panicking in front of the person treating them. The panic about panicking can make getting into the room and facing your fear really difficult. The advice that I give for this, is to let the person who is holding the needle, (phlebotomist, nurse, doctor, dentist), KNOW that you have a needle phobia.

You will be amazed how dramatically this one step can take the pressure off.

Simply stating ‘I have a needle phobia’ will mean that the person treating you will then do their best to reassure you. Often they will ask you if you want to sit or lie down, if you need to go somewhere more private – and don’t be afraid to let them know if you need to do something such as a deep breathing exercise, as their go to way of handling things is to talk to you.

2. Ask Your Doctor About Using Emla Cream

If the thought of FEELING the needle is what terrifies you, then ask your doctor about EMLA CREAM. This is a cream that they use on small children, and it is technically a numbing cream. For some clients, this one step was a total game changer. You apply the cream about an hour before your appointment  and it should ease any pain when the needle goes in.

3. Separate Yourself From Your Needle Phobia.

This sounds bizarre, I know, but this technique is a great one to try if you have a needle phobia. Next time that you are about to go into your treatment room, start with some deep breathing, relax yourself, and then imagine that you have a dial that allows you to turn down the feelings in the arm where the needle will enter you.

As you breathe in, turn the dial to a lower number, the lower you go, the less you can feel anything.  Feel your arm as it goes limp, loose, and numb now.

You’ll be amazed at just how powerful this exercise is and changes how you feel physically.

You can do this right up until you go into the treatment room and keep on doing it during the process. Separate yourself from your arm, then take yourself back inside yourself, once you have lowered that dial sufficiently. Focus back on your breath, and notice your feet beneath you. How do they feel? Allow yourself to be calm, confident and grounded.

I have an audio that I created for Covid Vaccines and needles, which is also great to listen to before you go for your treatment. You can download that here.

I am of course, always on hand to talk to, book a clarity call with me if you would like to work on removing your phobia privately with me, you can do that here. 

I hope that this article helps you with your next appointment, whether it’s the vaccine, giving blood, the tips in this article should help you.

Have a great week, speak soon.


p.s don’t forget to download your Fear Of Needles Audio, and experience an at home treatment with me, to remove your fear of needles. You can listen to this as many times as you need to, clients often report results after one listen. Get your audio here. 

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