How to cure your phobias

A Harley Street therapist shares his tips for overcoming everything from OCD to panic attacks.

It may be Blue Monday, but sometimes it takes the worst day of the year to make positive life changes. Sometimes you need to hit rock bottom to get back up again. With this in mind, we asked Harley Street therapist Christopher Paul Jones, a.k.a The Breakthrough Expert, to bestow his best advice on curing your phobias and anxieties. Jones specialises in helping people let go of their fears, anxieties and phobias. From fear of public speaking to anxieties around work, Jones has helped hundreds of people get their lives back.

5 Winning Tips to Help You Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

The fear of public speaking has been nominated countless of times as the most popular fear—more than the fear of death, heights, and snakes.

Knowing how this fear stops people from presenting themselves authentically, creating and cultivating good relationships, and ultimately driving situations toward meeting their goals, I approached Christopher Paul Jones. Chris is a London-based Harley Street therapist, he is also known as “The Breakthrough Expert”, and he is going to share his practices with you. Chris specializes in helping people eliminate their fears and phobias. Recently, the BBC featured Chris’s talents.

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Beat your fear of flying – the top 10 plane myths exposed. From the chance of a crash to misconceptions about turbulence, beat the most common flying fears with stone cold facts.

LIKE all modes of transport, air travel has its dangers – and for some people, the fear of what could happen is enough to leave them shaking like a leaf on a flight. But if you’re someone with a strong phobia of flying, take comfort in the knowledge that your concerns are far more irrational than you think.

A number of common flying myths are actually easily debunked Therapist Christopher Paul Jones has taken on ten of the most common myths about air travel, to prove to nervous flyers they don’t need to worry.

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Do you suffer with anxiety? Follow these 7 steps to beat it

Are you terrified of flying, do spiders make you scream, or does the idea of giving birth fill you with utter dread? Whatever’s causing your anxiety, celebrity therapist Christopher Paul Jones, says anyone can help themselves take control.

Chris aka The Breakthrough Expert, specialises in helping people let go of their fears, anxieties and even their phobias. He even cured his own morbid fear of flying, to the extent he was able to take a sightseeing flight through the Pyrenees – strapped to the OUTSIDE of a helicopter! Eek!

He says: “Anxiety is a debilitating condition that stops you getting where you want in life and yet there are very logical reasons behind it. While it can seem destructive, it is your brain’s way of trying to keep you safe.”

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REVEALED: 10 ways to conquer your FEAR of flying before your summer holiday 2017

FEAR OF FLYING can ruin a holiday, or even put some people off travelling altogether. Here are 10 tips to overcome anxiety.

Fear of flying: There are ways to overcome your anxiety Fear of flying is on the increase, fuelled by high profile plane crashes and terrorist attacks.

It may not be rational – studies have shown that more people are hurt falling out of bed each year than from flying – but it’s a phobia that can nevertheless ruin a holiday. However relaxing the trip, it’s never going to be a source of completely happy memories when book-ended by overwhelming anxiety.

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