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Help a friend on this world friendship day.

Today is world friendship day and I wanted to talk to you about how to spot if your friend has anxiety.✓

Most of the posts that I have written about anxiety tend to be about what YOU can do if you have anxiety …but today I wanted to come at this from a slightly different angle and speak on the track of friendship.HOW can you spot if a friend has anxiety and WHAT can you actually do about it?


You can tell if your friend is experiencing anxiety because you may notice some of the following:


  • Your friend is less available to talk than they used to be
  • Your friend seems to cancel coffee dates or meet ups – often at the last minute
  • Your friend avoids group or social situations
  • Your friend may post lots of things on social media that hint at anxiety.


Of course, this is not always what is going on, but if you spot any of the above then move into the next step where I talk about WHAT you can do about it.



You can approach your friend but be mindful that he or she may not have spoken to anybody about it before so they may feel a little embarrassed or uncomfortable and brush off your concern to begin with.


If they do this but you still feel that something anxiety related is up with them, be persistent without being pushy. 


You could simply send a note or an email that lets them know that you have been reading up on it, and are concerned that maybe they are struggling in silence. Let he or she know that there is NO shame in it, but that they don’t have to go through this alone and if they want to talk to you, you are there for them.


Often, just knowing that somebody gets it and is there for them can be all that someone needs in order to feel like a burden has been shared.

SO, be on the look out for your friends and know that there are solutions to dealing with anxiety, and having someone there to support you is a great starting place. If your friend (or you) would like professional help to deal with your anxiety then book a free clarity call with me and let’s talk about how I can help.

Until the next time,

Have a great day



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