It’s Halloween.. and who knows who will knock on your door tonight… it was also supposed to be the day that we witnessed Brexit.. but who knows when that will happen?

Chistopherr 3 2In life, there are many things that can happen, and we never know if and when they will even happen – and this can cause fear, worry and anxiety. So in todays blog post, I am going to talk about how to handle your fear of the unknown.

Fear of things happening outside your control, fear of not knowing how to cope with it, sometimes even fear caused by the fear… it can be exhausting if you find yourself worrying about something.. it can even keep you up at night! So, what CAN you do to handle this?

Identify your fear – what IS it that you are afraid of?

Be really honest with yourself, even if it sounds ‘daft’ and ask yourself – just what IS it that you are afraid of? For example, often, the thing that we THINK that we fear, isn’t the thing that we fear after all. Not really…

For example – you say that you are worried about public places…. and you are a new Mum maybe… but is it the people, the public space that REALLY scares you? OR is it that you had a traumatic birth and are scared of losing your baby…….

If you can unpick your fear and get right down to the root of it, you can then work on THAT… because, if in the example we used above, the new mum worked on a ‘fear of public spaces’, she might not cure her fear completely because if the fear was of losing her baby, that fear would then be transferred into another scenario and the cycle would keep repeating itself.

When you have worked out your REAL FEAR, you can book a free clarity call with me and we can talk about how I can work with you one to one to cure you of your fear or phobia, book your call here. 

How to handle your fear if and when it happens. Plan of Action anyone?

Work out what would be the worst possible outcome for you and then ask yourself, what would you need to do if that did happen?

Often our fear can spiral out of control and go from a flame into an inferno, because we worry about WHAT WOULD WE DO IF IT HAPPENED..

Write a list of what you would do – and even if you wound up doing something totally different, just having that piece of paper handy, that list – you know you have a plan of action, and that in its self may calm you. Often the worry about worrying or the fear about fear can exacerbate the problem.

How can you let go of your worry or fear? Try this…

Close your eyes, imagine yourself in your worst case scenario, and then allow the background events to turn into black and white, and fade away into the background. Do you feel the emotions becoming less intense? Next, picture yourself turning into your most empowering colour, watch as you become BIGGER AND BOLDER… 

Keep doing this until all you can see is YOU, happy, smiling, and then notice how your happy song, your favourite song comes on in the background…. how do you feel now?

Repeat this exercise every time that you feel your fear or worry taking over, it will help you calm things down and get a control of things.

Then, book your free clarity call with me and let’s get this fear removed once and for all shall we?


Have a great Halloween, and try not to worry. I KNOW THAT IS EAISER SAID THAN DONE BUT WORRY IS JUST A WASTE OF TIME..

Life will always throw curve balls our way but if we have a plan of action of how to handle them, we don’t need to let it knock us over.

Until the next time,

Have a great day!




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