You waited two years for your holiday’ due to Covid, and now you’re stranded at the airport. With many airlines facing long delays due to staff shortage, and flights being delayed, and cancelled, here’s how to handle anxiety if you find yourself stranded at the airport.

Learn to control how you feel on the inside and take control of your anxiety. 

We cannot control what goes on around us, but we can control how we feel about things and how we react, or act on things. Make a decision that no matter what is happening around you, you will handle things with grace, and confidence. Look back at how far we all came, navigating our way through lock down. If we can do that, we can do pretty much anything! Make your peace with the unknown, and not knowing what might be happening, and make a choice how to feel on the inside. No matter what happens around you, nothing can break that.

Create an Action Plan and keep anxiety at bay. 

If you have the chance to do this before you get to the airport, all the better, but if you are already there when you read this, you can still do this! Create an action plan – a schedule, whatever you want to call it. Go to the airport shops if you have to, and get planning. What book can you buy, can you find yourself a journal? Reframe this time as time that is given to you – unexpected time where you can sit back and enjoy a free schedule. Think about it, work are not expecting to see you, nobody in particular is expecting to hear from you/ This is some YOU time.  Been thinking about starting a business? Get your laptop out. register a domain and get started!

Breathe Into Your Belly And Fuel Your Resilience

If things do get too much for you, and you find yourself starting to feel anxious or panic, breathe into your belly, and fuel your resilience. Breathe in an orange, fiery colour, breathe out anxiety as a thick grey smoke matter. Really breathe into your belly deeply, breathe in with passion and purpose, and make a clear and conscious choice to release your anxiety and breathe into your resilience, build that fire inside of you, you have got this and you can handle anything!

I hope that this article helps you in some way, in this times, we still continue to feel like our anxiety can be triggered at any time, but we have more control over feeling that than we think we do.

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Speak to you soon

Christopher Paul Jones

Harley Street


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