Having a panic attack can be terrifying for the person experiencing it – palpitations, feeling out of breath, chest pain, and an intense feeling of panic… and if you have ever experienced one, the though of having another one, can in-itself, cause panic…. here is my advice on how to handle a panic attack in under 3 minutes.image 2

1. Find a place of safety and then go there.

Once you feel the onset of a panic attack, you need to get yourself to a place of safety, and then follow the steps below. When I say a place of safety I do not mean that you are in danger, but often, when someone begins to panic, the thought of being seen doing it, can intensify the emotions and lead to a full blown panic attack.

Always think of where you would go when you enter any new location – be forearmed. The toilet, a place outside, even under your desk if you let people at work know in advance what’s been going on for you.

2. Put on your headphones and listen to some music.

You were expecting me to say start breathing and counting backwards, but nope… once you have found your place of safety, pop on your headphones, and listen to your favourite music… choose a song that really makes you feel positive, and distract yourself with some music.. this takes your attention away from the thoughts that you may be having and can have a positive impact on your mental and wellbeing.

3. Have some comfort to hand or on standby.

This could be an item that you carry around with you – such as an essential oil rollerball or a piece of fabric that relaxes you. OR it could be your go to person who you can call when panic strikes you. Take a minute to envelope yourself in comfort, and then when you feel ready, take some deep breaths and just ground yourself. Feel your feet planted on the floor beneath you – take some deep breaths and then ask yourself how you now feel?

Don’t feel that you have to push through your panic, pretend that it’s not happening or sit with someone and talk about it. The first three minutes should be spent with you just taking immediate care of yourself….. switching off and detaching from your external surroundings and environment and just feeling safe again.

If you experience panic attacks and would like to get to the real reason as to why you have them and would like to work on stopping having them then why not book a free clarity call with me and we can talk about what I can do to help you.

You can book your free clarity call here.

Until the next time, have a great week and despite some of the scary news surrounding Coronavirus, do try not to panic.

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