It’s usually somewhere around Christmas, when I start to talk about ‘family and couples, and arguments’. Yet as we are currently living on lockdown, it seemed appropriate to talk about in the present moment. Here’s how to live with your family or partner and avoid those serious arguments.

I read somewhere the other day that China has reported a massive surge in people filing for divorce after it made its way out of lockdown. And it really got me thinking – just what will living so close to one another do for all kind of relationships? I mean think about it…. at Christmas how often have you come to blows with members of your family because living in a confined space with this leads to you tearing your hair out? Christmas is a very short period, at least it is when you compare it to lockdown… So here’s what we’re going to do about it…

1. Create a daily schedule and then stick to it.

One of the main things that will lead to coming to blows with someone, is a sense of boredom. Make a schedule and fill your day with all of the things that you have always thought of doing and that way, you will be so busy being active (even if just mentally) that you won’t feel like you’re sitting around doing nothing.

Some suggestions include: 9am: Online workout, 10am: walk, 11am: read a book and have a coffee, 12pm: lunch and socialise with family, 1pm: do something creative, maybe painting, decorating, jewellery making, 2pm: an hour of doing nothing, maybe some tv, 3pm: learn something, download an app and learn a new language, 4pm…. you get the idea…. but fill your day with things and then you will enjoy the scheduled time that you spend with your family.

2. Have a space that is just your own and go to it when you need to.

Then when things start to feel too stressful for you you can simply take yourself off there, and spend some time relaxing in it. it could be your bedroom, the bathroom, or even going out into the shed, car or garden, Keep some snacks there, some music and headphones, and your favourite magazine or book to read. Having this kind of plan of action in place means that you’re able to simply exit and head to it if things start to become too much for you.

3. Communicate with your loved ones – and do it daily.

Understand that everyone will be just as stressed during this period so start strike up a conversation about it. Ask people to share what it is that they will find most difficult about things. Let them know that you are all in this together and if they need to let things off their chest they can come and talk to you about it.

Knowing this, and also knowing what your triggers are most likely going to be will hopefully lead to effective communication. People will be more aware of why you may be losing steam on some days and will hopefully make an allowance about it.

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I hope that this helps a bit and i of course am always here if you want to chat about things with me – book your free clarity call here.

Until the next time, take it easy, be kind to yourself and remember, we’re only human.

Speak soon


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