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Saturday is WORLD KINDNESS DAY and in this weeks blog post I wanted to talk about how being kind to yourself and to others can promote positive mental wellness.

Start by being kind to yourself – you deserve and NEED it

We all need kindness, to feel loved, valued and appreciated, yet we often look to others to make us feel this. By starting with yourself and providing kindness to YOU, you fill your own self need tanks first, and this is crucial before you can give yourself to others.

There’s a famous saying, ‘self care is not selfish’, it’s essential. Taking time to be kind to yourself, daily helps maintain positive mental wellness.

Be kind to others, and experience the mental health benefits of giving. 

Give for the sake of giving – it can be to someone who you know and have a relationship with, or it could be a complete stranger. Another great quote is ‘everyone is going through something that nobody knows about’. You never know what somebody else could be going through, so approach each day with kindness, love and compassion.

Think about how YOU can spread love and positive energy – the more that you GIVE the more love will come back to you. Kindness is contagious, and we all want to FEEL liked and appreciated.

Remember that deep down, we all need to experience kindness.

And for some of us, right back as early as childhood, we perhaps did not receive that. And this can leave us feeling defensive, and that in turn can come across to other people as us not caring about them. We all need to experience kindness, but we can start by giving that to ourselves, and giving it to others. You never know why someone may behave as they do, so be kind, always.

Of course, this does not apply to situations that are clearly abusive – and setting boundaries is healthy.


Challenge: This weekend take the kindness challenge and dish out random acts of kindness. It could be leaving a note of kindness somewhere public, or buying the person behind you a coffee. Start with just one person, and if they ask you why you did that, tell me – that it is a random act of kindness. See how you FEEL after you have done that and then get back to me.

I look forward to hearing from you, and as always, I will be back with another post next week, in the meantime, whatever you are doing, do it with kindness.

Take Care


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