Game of thrones – who needs therapy when you have this?


Okay so who else is super excited about the upcoming new season (season 8) of Game of Thrones? I know that I am. I can’t wait to see what this season has in store for us – and aside from being a huge fan of the show, I also can’t help but sit with my notepad, ready to take notes on who is suffering with a phobia and imagine giving them tips on what to do about it!

In the videos that I have shared on Youtube, you will see, that I make no bones about analyzing the characters (and the actors who play them) and getting all ‘therapist like’ as I talk about phobias. I can’t help it, for me, as a Harley Street phobia expert, it’s kinda addictive.

Game of Thrones and Phobias..


Game of Thrones excellently demonstrates how a phobia can play out – and it also shows us that to have a phobia, you do not need to be ‘weak’ or ‘unable to cope with something’. But rather, that phobias can affect even the most badass people and leave them baffled at what to do about it. This my friends, is because PHOBIAS ARE NOT LOGICAL.

Let’s talk a little bit more about phobias, shall we?

Phobias – they’re not based on logic so they can affect any of us.

Yep, any of us, and it doesn’t matter if you;re a big tough and supposedly fearless Game of Thrones character. If something has happened at some point of your life (usually in childhood) that has affected you on a subconscious level then it is totally possible that a phobia will affect you.

And the worst thing about phobias is that they are not based around logic. So even if you can identify that you have a phobia, talking about it, isn’t going to fix it. However, there IS an answer – therapy. Do you think Game of Thrones would welcome the Breakthrough Expert?  One character who comes to mind when it comes to phobias is Sandor, ‘The Hound’, so let’s take a quick look at him shall we?

Sandor – the ultimate phobia suffering badass – can teach us all a lesson.

Sandor is a tough character – a total badass. There is nothing about Sandor that you would refer to as weak. Sandor (better known as the Hound), cuts through people, swears a lot, has fought many wars, and taken on many challenges, yet when he sees fire, he switches off, shuts down and becomes a shell shocked gibbering wreck.

In other words, Sandor, despite being a badass, hard faced character, suffers with a phobia of fire – technically known as ‘Pyrophobia’. Which is a therapist’s dream, and any phobia sufferers dream too actually, because he highlights the fact that a phobia is not determined by how strong willed or minded you are. A phobia is illogical, and the only way to deal with it once and for all, is to see a trained therapist, such as myself, who specialises in working in this complex area.

So if YOU are suffering with a phobia, book a free consultation with me and let’s talk on the phone about it. I will tell you what I think your problem is and then we can book you in to work on it.

So, roll on the new series, let’s see who is struggling with what and you never know, I might just do another blog post on it so that I can give a run down and analysis, and then give the characters some advice.


P.S here is a video that I did about Game of Thrones and Phobias. Enjoy!

Enjoy your week and I will speak to you next time..

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