Do you dream of taking that holiday but the thought of flying terrifies you?


If so, then join Christopher Paul Jones, Harley Streets Fear + Phobia expert and break through YOUR fear of flying quickly.

Does any of this sound familiar to you?

  • You dream of taking to the skies but the thought of getting on a plane terrifies you.
  • You only have to see a plane and you feel anxiety taking over you.
  • You feel like friends and family are disappointed in you because they can’t share foreign trips with you.
  • You are determined to deal with your phobia because you want to go from fear to freedom and be able to be free from your phobia.

If you answered YES to any of the above then sign up for the ‘Breakthrough your fear of flying’ kit today and be free of your flying phobia.


You will receive a free audio, weekly tips and videos sent to you via email, a fear of flying ebook, a questionnaire to discover how severe your phobia is, and a record sheet to track your progress.


In no time at all you will feel confident about getting a plane … the only thing you need worry about, is where you’re going to visit first!

Get your FREE Fear of Flying Breakthrough Kit.

And start your journey from fear to freedom straight away.

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