Today is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day… hands up who wants one? I know I do… but perhaps, your teeth are too sensitive after lockdown, and it’s time to see the dentist? In this weeks blog post, I want to talk about how to handle a dental phobia, so pull up your chair if you happen to have one.

What Is A Dental Phobia And How Did I Get One?

A dental phobia is a severe fear of going to the dentist. You would develop a dental phobia as.a result of a negative experience when visiting a dental setting. It could be related to the dentist themselves, or you could have experienced pain which you associate with a needle or drill for example. Your mind would have decided that it wanted to protect you from such an experience in the future, so the next time that you found yourself in a dental setting, an emergency signal would be sent from a part of your brain called the Amygdala.

This would then send your body into fight, flight or freeze mode and you would experience the physical and emotional symptoms that you associate with your phobia – symptoms such as palpitations, and trouble breathing. Perhaps you have experienced those feelings in front of people, and this has added an extra layer of trauma to your phobia.

All in all, chances are, that your previous experiences have led to a fear of going to the dentist, and perhaps you avoid it altogether.

I Have A Dental Phobia, How Can I Fix One?

Dental phobia, just like any phobia, is easily treatable. By working with me, I can get to the heart of your phobia and reverse it in no time.Book a free phone consultation with me and we can talk about your dental phobia and I can let you know how I will fix it.

Phobias are treated by taking you back to the memory where you had a frightening experience, and changing the emotions associated or attached to it.  Future pacing is also used, to help you attach positive emotions to the experiences that lie ahead of you.

Can You Give Me A Quick Fix? I Have A Dental Appointment Tomorrow.

The only way to remove your phobia is to work one to one with me, but if you have an appointment soon, say tomorrow, then there are some techniques that I can give to you.

Close your eyes, imagine yourself in a dentists chair, and notice the sounds, the smells and the general atmosphere around you.Imagine that in your left hand is a dial. This dial turns down the sounds, the smells, anything that you want it to. You can control the dial as and when you choose to. You can also use the dial to turn the scene into black and white. Feel yourself drift off, into a deep state of relaxation as you almost detach from the sensations that surround you. 

You can use this dial at your next appointment, and another great tip is to focus on your breathing too. Breathing in for 7, hold it for 7, out for 7, something this simple, can give you a sense of FOCUS so that you are not solely thinking about the things that you fear around you.

Are You Avoiding Dealing With Your Dental Phobia? Ask Yourself, How Is It ‘Serving’ You?

You nay not even realise that you have a dental phobia, You could know on one level that you avoid visiting the dentist, but you have never understood it as a dental phobia. Perhaps it is more of say, a needle phobia. By booking a clarity call with me, I can identify exactly what is your phobia and then we can treat that.

You may even hold onto a phobia because it serves a bigger purpose for you. For example, sometimes, people hold onto physical problems or pain because it is the way that they associate getting love or attention from their parent or partner. When you speak to me during our phone call I can discuss things like this, and let you know the best way to treat your fear or phobia.

if anything that I have said in this article has resonated with you and you would like to speak to me about it, then do book your free, complimentary call with me and let’s talk. You can book your call here. 

On that note, I am off to look for ice cream… enjoy the rest of your day wherever you are, and I will speak to you next week.



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