Chris conquered his own phobia.

A lifelong student of personal transformation already deemed impossible by other professionals, Christopher has turned his life around from school dropout to his current position as an internationally recognized expert and guide in the areas of human behaviour and applied psychology.

After conquering his fear of public speaking to become a top NLP trainer, holding the highest level of certification from 3 different schools and studying many other therapeutic coaching and healing modalities (see below). Christopher rid himself of his own flying phobia – he found himself strapped to the OUTSIDE of a helicopter on a joy ride through the Pyrenees mountains!

Christopher Paul Jones working with clients
Christopher Paul Jones working with clients

Now Chris will help you conquer your phobia..

A culmination of over 15 years of research across Europe, North America and Asia, as well as working with and being mentored by some of the Worlds top change experts, has resulted in Christopher being referred to as ‘the guy that will blow your mind and radically change your life.’

Never one to follow the status quo, Christopher has pioneered an Integrated Approach; combining main stream psychology with cutting edge techniques, leading to the development of The Integrated Change System™.

Particularly touched by the impact he was having with phobias, Christopher shot the now famous video of curing a client in under 7 minutes, which is recognised as being the fastest flying phobia cure on camera.

Meet Christopher – The Breakthrough Expert. 

Christopher is Harley Streets leading fear + phobia removal expert. Passionate about pulling people out of their negative patterns of behaviour, Christopher shows  his clients how to finally be free of the emotions that have them trapped, like mental quicksand. 

Through his strong understanding that issues are not to be labelled or put in a box, Christopher has developed a coaching style that is high energy, fast paced and balanced between laser focused, unconventional and light hearted.

This technique has resulted in a recipe for change that works swiftly at an incredibly deep level, ridding his clients of phobias, fears and anxiety.

This video has led to worldwide acclaim, as well as the development of a unique set of programmes for fear, phobia and anxiety; used by individuals and corporations, to address these very limiting issues. With the use of targeted questions that bring out the hidden structure of beliefs, values and behaviours, Christopher (aka The Breakthrough Expert) works with a global client base, including actors, models, musicians, presenters and celebrities; tackling all manner of issues, including fear of flying, phobia of public speaking, generalised anxiety, stress and much more.

His expertise has been requested by TV & Radio and he has been consulted/featured for programs on the BBC, Channel 4 and the Discovery Channel.

Driven by his vision to show clients that mental, emotional and physical freedom is a choice, Christopher doesn’t believe in ‘have-to’s’ ‘should-do’s’ and ‘must-do’s’, when peace of mind is only a single thought away.

Sarah Williams – Netdoctor

For me, the greatest realisation was accepting that my phobia stemmed from a real, very scary encounter as a child, but that my response back then need not govern my reactions today. I left Chris’s office I felt bolstered. So am I cured? I think I might well be.

Christopher Paul Jones with his dog

And when he’s not fixing clients..

Christopher can be found living his vision of freedom in London and exploring the surrounding countryside with his equally inspired dog Lexi.

Where a short walk for Christopher is anywhere from half an hour to half a day, thanks to Google maps he can always find his way home.

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