Blue Monday – January 15th

Blue Monday? January 15th. Apparently it’s the most depressing day of the year. We don’t think so! Here’s how to have a wonderful January… So, Christmas has come and gone, and now we’re facing January. Hello bigger waist-lines, hello smaller bank balances, and hello...

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Do you have a clown phobia?

Clown phobia? Or just scared of people with red noses? People have always had mixed feelings towards the clown or jester character that tumbles around the circus and features in countless plays, books and films. Our laughter is mixed with elements or farce...

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Anxiety & Illness

We all know how debilitating anxiety can be. When sombody suffers from intense anxiety it can cause breathing to become difficult, your heart races and your body starts to shake. Anxiety can hold us back and stop us living the life we want. Worse still, if you live...

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