May 20th is ‘who wants to be a millionaire day’ and this got me thinking about success, and money, and how a lot of people have fear and anxiety surrounding that.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you had an opportunity to be successful Christopher Paul Jones Tab Magazinebut rather than feel good about it, something inside of you felt…… nervous? 

Fear of success (and in particular, the money that goes with that), is relatively common… yet most of us think that it would be a fear of faliure that would stop us. Today I want to give you my best 3 tips on how to combat your fear of success, and money, so that you can work your way to YOUR million.


1. Understand that money and success, it’s available to everybody.

There used to be a time where it was only for the elite people.But today, with the internet, and the option to create your own business at the click of a button, we ALL have the same opportunity to create success (and money). One thing that used to hold people back was that they felt that it was an exclusive club and that they did not belong there. But if you take away that notion and realize that the opportunity is open to all of us, you realize that you are standing in the middle of an equal playing field and that there is no valid reason as to why YOU shouldn’t be there.


2. See success and money as helping the next generation.

We have grown up watching the last generation being scared of success and money, living a modest, often hard-up lifestyle, because the opportunity that we have today was not available to them. But we have a chance to change things. We can show the next generation that success and money is not something to be fearful of… and when you make an active choice to do this you choose to show the next generation that the world is their oyster and they can and should GO FOR IT. So – next time you find yourself worrying, look back… and then look forwards… breathe.. and know how fortunate you are to have the opportunity to worry.


3. Focus on who you are helping and forget the ‘success’ side to things.

Often when clients come to see me, and they have set up a business, they are so busy worrying about what other people will think of them and whether they are deserving of success and money (subconscious money blocks) that they forget WHY they are doing what they are doing in their business. For example, I happen to know a lot of coaches and authors, people who help other people, and I tell them to think about the change that they are giving to their ideal client. When you look at things from that angle you realize that this isn’t all about YOU and it’s good to think about other people.


Lastly, I want you to know that having a fear of success, or money, does not make you abnormal, it’s really common and normal and it’s because we grew up believing that money doesn’t grow on trees, and that money was the root of all evil. This has caused a SUBCONSCIOUS BELIEF and it is that belief that is keeping us stuck. If and when you change that belief system, by working with a therapist, you will find that those feelings of fear, anxiety and worry will melt away from you. Why not book a clarity call with me and we can get to the bottom of things so that you can move forwards to the success and money that is waiting for you? You can book that here.

Until the next time, enjoy who wants to be a millionaire day and go out there and make your million.



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