3 Steps Towards Curing Your Phobia – With Christopher Paul Jones, The Breakthrough Expert

If you struggle with living  with a phobia, the good news is that they are treatable.In this article, Christopher Paul Jones, Harley Street Therapist says

You don’t have to live with a phobia, so now is the time to get help for it

You don’t have to just live with your phobia, so now is the time to get help for it. Did you know, that a phobia is easily treated, if you work with a phobia therapist. However, many people, perhaps you are one of them, resign themselves to the belief that if you have a phobia, it’s just something that you’ve got to live with,

Phobias are easily treated, when you get to the root cause of things

A phobia is easily treated, when you get to the root cause of things. Many people,have no real idea of where the root cause behind their phobia comes from.

Sometimes the subconscious mind protects us from accessing that information because it is trying to protect us. In fact, did you know, that when you find yourself flooded with the adrenaline and cortisol that leads to those feelings of panic, that that is triggered by your subconscious mind kicking in and doing it’s best to protect you.

Your subconscious mind senses that there is something happening around you that triggers your original fear or phobia and your entire system goes into fight, flight or freeze mode. By creating a conscious awareness of what might be happening around you,  the next time that you experience this, can be the first step towards treating it.  If you can dig deep and figure out where the root cause of this fear perhaps stems from then you can look into speaking to me about treating it

Removing your phobia is only one part of it

Sometimes, people become so used to having a fear or phobia that it becomes part of their identity, and they get used to planning their life around it. It can even, in some cases, become something difficult to let go of, because of the fear of living without it.

One example is the love and support that you might get from certain people, related to your fear or phobia – moving forwards and being free from it can require e level of confidence. It can mean redefining your relationships and identity, and looking at remodelling your lifestyle.

This is important to know, if you are on the verge of seeking help for your phobia.

Reframe things and see this as an exciting opportunity where you will not only be free from the chains imposed by your phobia, you can use this as a time to really work on your confidence, and look at living despite fear, to create that dream lifestyle, or launch that business. Where will your new mindset take you?

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Being free from your phobia is totally possible. The only thing standing in your way is you, so make a choice to change things,

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