Hello, today I wanted to write a blog post that talks about how to manage your FEAR, because right now, with what is happening in the Ukraine, fear is running through people everywhere. 

HOW do you manage your fear, when the news is telling us of such unpredictable and uncontrollable horrors?

1. Breathe into your fear

The firs thing is to understand that right now, fear is a normal and natural human response to what is currently happening in the world. Is your fear logical? Yes it is. Therefore, your body is doing its job and is working hard to protect you by flooding your system with fear.

Therefore, it is important to understand this and to know that we do not want to remove the fear completely, as to some extent, this fear is normal. However, we can turn down the volume on that fear to make it more comfortable. So, start by acknowledging that fear, and then breathe into it – take a nice deep breath in for the count of 7, hold it for 7, and exhale for 11. This is diaphragmatic breathing and it helps to slow down your physiology and system.

So, acknowledge the presence of fear when you feel it, and then stop what you are doing and breathe into the fear. Notice how quickly your whole system responds to this.

2. Make peace with your fear.

Next, having acknowledged your fear and breathed into it, make peace with your fear. Speak directly to your subconscious mind, for it is that part of your mind that puts you into fight, flight or freeze mode and is flooding your body with fear. Say to your subconscious mind ‘I see you, I feel you and I hear you and I thank you for attempting to keep me safe’.

3. Change the colour of your fear.

When you next feel this fear, close your eyes and see what colour it is… then, think of a colour that makes you feel happy, or calm and positive, and replace the colour of your fear with the one that makes you feel GOOD.

To do this, simply repeat step one, where you breathe into your fear, and with each in-breath, breathe in that colour of energy that you want to replace things with, notice how your body quickly responds to this, and know, that you can do this exercise, as and when you want or need to.

In conclusion…

I am not here to tell you that this fear that you are feeling in this very moment is one that is illogical or that you need to be cured of. Yes, I work on removing peoples fears, fears that are not based on logic, right now, we have a very real situation going on around us, and it is normal to experience a fear related to this.  I do however, want you to know that YOU can change and control YOUR inner state, even if we cannot change or control the events that are happening around us.

I hope that the exercises in this article help you manage your fear and the anxiety that may come as a result of it.

Keep on top of how you feel, and keep bringing yourself back to a place of balance.




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